Knowing how to control and influence your wellbeing and energy is fundamental if you want to be in charge of the activities related to your own business. And the success of your business depends pretty much on you, so it does matter how you are feeling and how much energy you have to keep things going. All of us know that intense work can have negative effects on our lives – we may neglect our health, friends and ourselves. But it is important to know that being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that other good things should be put on hold.

Audrey shared a few tips with us, which will help with keeping your energy levels high and so allow you to spare enough time for those things that matter most to you in your life.

1.       Sleep well and relax your body and mind

  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night, because your body needs this time to regenerate itself. This prevents your Cortisol levels (stress hormone) from being too high, which can make you stressed, anxious, depressed and / or tired.
  • Get ready for sleep at least 1 hour before you are planning to do so. Calm down, switch off the TV and phone, don’t eat any more sugary snacks - not even fruits!
  • Switching off any non-natural light will help your body produce melatonin, your natural sleep’s hormone.
  • During the daytime, exercise the 4-7-8 breathing technique from Dr. Andrew Weil. It helps you clear your mind and feel refreshed.

2.       Nurture your body and mind

  • When you are tired, you tend to crave for foods that might not be helping you to replenish your energy levels such as foods with high sugar content and simple carbohydrates. Try to avoid these as they can make you tired and their consumption increases your Cortisol level through an increase in insulin. Rather focus on the following:

- Good source of protein: eat as much as the size of your palm (i.e. meat, beans, fish). For the reason that dairy products can disrupt female hormones, Audrey does not suggest eating too much of those.

- Good fats: eat as much as half the size of your palm (i.e. avocado, coconut oil, nuts)

- Diverse vegetables: eat as much as you want. They are a great source of fibre and help clear your gut from the wastes and toxins that pile up there.

  • When you are tired, drink a glass of water at first and wait 15 minutes before checking in with yourself to see whether you are still hungry. Perhaps your body doesn’t require food and you were just dehydrated. Dehydration and hunger feel the same.

3.       Exercise your way to more energy

  • Exercising is never a waste of time; and above all it gives you more energy.
  • Don’t overdo sports! After 45 minutes of running, your cortisol level may increase and you may feel even more tired. So if you like running or do cardio sports, aim for 30-40 minutes maximum.
  • A few minutes of walking from the tram stop or a few exercises at your desk could also be useful, just move your body often.
  • Try out interval training. It is great for building muscles and heart resistance.

4.       Organize your life

  • Plan your day and be realistic. Add lower and upper limits so that you don’t stress yourself.
  • Feel that you are in charge of your life. Clear your environment, which not only means sorting out your desktop or your inbox, but also filtering people around you, getting rid of relationships that emotionally drain you.

These are just small changes but in the long term they can lead to a meaningful development in your life. An additional interesting fact is that only 21 days are required to change a habit. So choose 1-2 tips from the above - the ones you feel will be the easiest for you to stick to - and keep doing them every day for 21 days. Then move onto another activity. This is how you can build new habits and make them a lasting change.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to increase your energy levels, visit Audrey’s webpage or contact her through her contact form!