The Aspire Mentorship Program (“AMPlify”) was set up to transform the business ideas of eight women in just six months. It did. A full house at the Impact Hub in Zurich was there to witness the culmination of the program through a pitching event labelled “AMPlify: The Final Pitch”. The overall winner chosen by a panel of judges was Vibwife, a med-tech startup, presented by Anna Peters who won a six month co-working space at the Impact Hub.

The Aspire Mentorship Program provided the mentees each with a Mentor that matched their skills and relevance to the business idea. This was combined with tailored Workshops designed to address Entrepreneurial topics at a more theoretical level. Those topics included: Business Plan Development, Marketing and Branding, Business Finance and Strategy. Throughout the program, the mentees were encouraged to pitch and build confidence in themselves and in prospective audiences with two special sessions dedicated only to this.

The mentees pitched in front of an audience and guest judge panel followed by questions from the judges. Having presented, it was then time for the audience to vote for their favourite - the judges would do the same but under a pre-determined criteria. During the break an apero was laid out - time to break down and digest the presentations and content.

The ‘audience choice’ award went to Vibwife and Fernanda Barrence’s The Trip Boutique. Both women won Evernote goodies kindly provided by Final Pitch speaker and AMPlify mentor Cristina Riesen. The award for overall achievement during AMPlify was given to Melanie Twerenbold for Likee.

The mentees’ progress was monitored by the Aspire team who acted as ‘buddies’ to each of them. Each mentee achieved success in some shape or form. Financial success was achieved through external Investment and  seed capital as well as Crowdfunding. Others used the opportunity to improve their confidence and body language, business plans and used the program and peers as a catalyst to progress their ideas.

AMPlify has been an extraordinary journey for everyone involved. From learning about new ideas, techniques, acquaintances to experiences and simply having fun. Through thick and thin, question after question and numerous validations the mentees have stuck by their ideas, defended them with passion and pride and become Entrepreneurs. We look forward to following the progress of the mentees as they embrace their roles as alumni of Aspire’s AMPlify.

The Aspire Mentorship Program (“AMPlify”) is a mentorship program available exclusively to women with business ideas related to technology and innovation. The program is completely free and provided by the generosity of Aspire and its partners.